"The exercises were good, good atmosphere, the location was very good. In short, no negative complaints, just positive. Having known the wood block trick on the rear brake pedal, I would have brought some one and I will have it fixed with tape or a screw. Now I have to practice to improve myself."

"Thank you all I really appreciated. You are pros and enthusiasts. Some comments and where suggestions: as most beginners do mostly gravel, it would be good to take a little time to review certain concepts related to driving on gravel at moderate speed. As well that I recognize the relevance of the experience of the instructors and their emotional attachment to the various competitions organized by BMW around the world, constantly referring to the "wonderful world of BMW "was slightly annoying. ;)"

We take that in note ! (Formation Aventure Québec)

"Great, he clearly identified my needs and was able to explain to me well how to improve myself and put it into practice. I learned a lot"

"Excellent training and the instructors are relevant, dynamic and available. A big boost in confidence and practical exercises that we can do again afterwards. A must to better appreciate your dual-purpose motorcycle!"

"A little sand, maybe just a 10 or 20 meters, just as an aperitif. Always put mud in low speed to control the dosage of acceleration"

We definitely keep the sand for the level 2 training (Formation Aventure Québec)